The Best Practices Policy Project is a tax exempt organization and has been operating independently of our former fiscal sponsor since December 17, 2020. This means that donations to the Best Practices Policy Project are tax deductible. Checks can be made out to and mailed to Best Practices Practices Policy Project, Inc at 8 Egbert Hill Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960. Donations can be made online via cc, debit and paypal. If you shop at Amazon (and not saying that you should but *if*) then send us some coins from them when you shop by clicking the button below.

Want to know how to support other organizations working for rights, providing services and organizing at the grassroots? The sector of organizations and activists working for rights very much needs donations no matter how small. Many organizations do outstanding work while receiving almost no support from mainstream funding agencies and your support will make a difference. The Desiree Alliance is currently seeking support. The Outlaw Project is setting up a housing project for transgender women in Arizona. The Black Sex Worker Collective is combining art and activism. New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance is providing support to the sex workers of New Jersey. The St. James Infirmary provides compassionate and non-judgmental support to sex workers in San Francisco. Donations help keep food on the table for program participants, pays for outreach supplies (like hygiene kits, new socks, hats, gloves, scarves, etc), or help pay for reproductive and medical services for uninsured sex workers in need.

More information about the Best Practices Policy Project… The Best Practices Policy Project (BPPP) is dedicated to supporting organizations and advocates working with sex workers, people in the sex trade and related communities in the United States. We produce materials for policy environments, address research and academic concerns and provide organizations and advocates with technical assistance. Everything that we do is guided by principles that protect the rights of people who engage in commercial sex in all its forms. BPPP is a member of the US Human Rights Network, the Network of Sex Work Projects and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development.