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ARTICLE: Using Human Rights to Hold the US Accountable

Advocates and researchers Kari Lerum, Kiesha McCurtis, Penelope Saunders, and Stephanie Wahab who were involved in the Universal Periodic Review process at different points in 2010 and 2011, have produced an article about the importance of Recommendation 86 and the UPR  for publication in the Anti-Trafficking Review (a peer reviewed journal published by the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women).

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A Call to Action on Sex Work and HIV

Organizers in the United States representing communities of sex workers and people in the sex trade have produced a call to action in regards to US policies affecting sex workers and people in the sex trade for distribution during the International AIDS Conference (IAC) to be held in Washington, D.C. in July 2012. The group of organizations and advocates organizing to highlight the rights of sex workers during the IAC are demanding that the U.S. government make good on its 2011 commitment “that no one should face violence or discrimination in access to public services based on… their status as a person in prostitution”

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U.S. Sex Workers Hail Nation’s New Stance

April 21, 2011, Amy Lieberman of Womens ENews described public art actions in New York City which raised awareness about Recommendation 86. Lieberman describes how advocates are “pushing for safer conditions on the ground that will make it easier to detect people who are coerced into transactional sex.” The full article includes a photo of advocates from SWOP-NYC and quotes from key service providers in the area.

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